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MIT Comparative Studies has a fascinating program about Games that Teach. Kurt Squier has written a thoughtful exploration of pedagogical issues concerning computer games. Gosh, I wrote about that very topic a year ago. I?ve been meaning to redesign that page. I plan to comment on Squier?s article in a future blog.

Arnold Kling is one of the most fascinating thinkers I?ve encountered in a long time. His piece on Information Wants to be Free, but People Still Need to Get Paid is fascinating analysis.

After Jay Beale of Bastille Linux gave a presentation on Linux security to my Linux group, I’ve found his articles on unix security to be very helpful. He talked about the folly of root/administrator using web browsers, a risk that had never
occurred to me until then.

This is probably the funniest meta-blog I’ve ever seen. And the briefest.

Kafka meet Kapitalism is a zany description of bad DSL service. Too bad that Rushkoff never read “The Art of Turboing,” a lowdown on how to get better technical support. Is that even possible? His anecdote about bad customer service at CompUSA is a classic tale.

The End of Free community weblog gives updates on which web services are still free, and which have resorted to a subscription based model. Speaking of group weblogs, has anyone checked out my new group weblog, Asiafirst ?

Last week I moved to a commercial hosting service. I’ll still keep from my house, but I’ll be putting a lot of stuff at now (including this weblog!). It is hosted by






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