Open Source Publishing and Star Wars Iconoclasm

First, a fascinating political analysis of the Star Wars series. ?So under Imperial rule, a large group of regional potentates, each with access to a sizable army and star destroyers, runs local affairs. These governors owe their fealty to the Emperor. And once the Emperor is dead, the galaxy will be plunged into chaos. In all of the time we spend observing the Rebel Alliance, we never hear of their governing strategy or their plans for a post-Imperial universe. All we see are plots and fighting. Their victory over the Empire doesn’t liberate the galaxy–it turns the galaxy into Somalia writ large: dominated by local warlords who are answerable to no one. ? Please don’t take this article too seriously. I saw Clones recently and thought it way too ponderous.

Why have I never noticed the CMS Watch website ?The articles are absolutely fascinating. Betty Harvey?s ?What SGML can teach us about XML & the web” is informative & helpful. It even had two articles on zope content management here and here . For those wanting up-to-date discussions, Cameron Barrett’s CMS-List is the place to go.

Speaking of Zope, Reuven Lerner writes some of the most interesting articles about web applications out there. He is always at the cutting edge of technology. His ?At the Forge? column in Linux Journal is a must read for people interested in web publishing. His slide show on ?Application Server Shoot Out? pretty much summarizes everything you need to know.

A subproject within Zope, is a documentation frontend for a zope CMS application. However, I?m not encouraged by the big warning on the download page. Should I tempt fate?

Other Zope articles: Jeffrey Shell has written an overview of remote authoring with Zope/webdav
Zopenewbies features a pay-site with an article on Zope workflow.

Open Source Schools is an interesting initiative with some terrific articles on using linux in the schools . The story of open-source publishing details the fight to make texts public. It anticipates the appearance of ?creative commons? (a concept suggested by Lawrence Lessig and discussed recently on Slashdot), a way to put texts in the public domain.

The last two sites I?ve mentioned use, the CMS most in vogue. Don?t worry?I?ll be deploying my own postnuke site soon! They are accumulating good documentation

I used to think Cocky Bastard and Josh Davis were the only ones who did decent things with flash. But Ishkur?s Guide to Electronic Music is one of the most enjoyable and educational sites out there about contemporary music. This site will wow and entertain you. (At the time of writing, it?s offline?temporary I hope).

I paid for a low-cost ad for 20,000 webviews on metafilter to promote my asiafirst weblog. It starts running next week. Matt Haughey’s text-ads are a wonderful unobtrusive way to reach content creators. I will report next week how many clickthroughs 20,000 webviews will bring.

Well, perhaps this is better on Asiafirst, but Digital Freedom’s Network List of Chinese citizens imprisoned for using the Internet to express themselves is sobering. Please, Americans, savor your freedoms!






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