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Here’s the first book review I posted on slashdot. First of many, I hope.

Two good portals about new technology: Wireless Newsfactor and Tech Central Station.

Academic journals like First Monday tend to be behind the curve on news, but their stories have been good. For example, an article about online grocery shopping or terrorist networks.

It’s rather easy to make jokes about Nigerian spammers, but this series of emails made me laugh several times.

Well, it had to happen, but the MS Word exploit should cause people to question the ability of companies (any companies) to support older products. I love Open Office , but I am annoyed that it does strange things to OLE objects, and so cutting and pasting is pretty awful. Hint: Choose “Paste Special.”

An interesting tale about the domain fuck.com. This is NOT a sex link, merely a story of the legal dispute that arose.

I’ve seen some nice amazon pages by contributors on certain topics. Here’s one on elearning and macromedia.

A nice Kuro5hin discussion: Are Video Games Art? I’ve written about that before, and will soon be writing another essay about it, so I’ll skip gingerly over this topic for now.

A fascinating article about the linguistic challenges and innovations for people for use Short Messaging Services.

A useful list of web-based GUI editors for CMS’s.

I’ve been waiting for this link for a long time, but here are some mozilla faq’s and how-to’s (from the user’s point of view).

For some reason, I can’t get through to blogger from my work. Proxy server problems, perhaps? That’s why it’s taken so long to post.

A nice page about how to acheive web accessibility.

Tim Oreilly’s prescient essay, “Inventing the Future” seems mostly ontrack. Here’s Andy Oram’s thoughts about being an Oreilly author.

Eclipse has been emerging as a platform-independent IDE for java and C++. Now if only someone could design a platform-independent FLASH editor the world would be a better place.

Don’t want this blog to be about politics or economics, but this essay on US and world demographics is interesting.

Article on linux security and snort. You can read his other security articles.

Out of all the Iraq articles, this one struck me as the most convincing.

Zope is catching up! See XMLTransform.

Even though I sit underneath a wireless access port at work, in fact I am not yet wireless. I recently attended a Houston Wireless meeting . I still have a lot to learn about this. Here’s a graphical display of Houston wireless nodes. For people wanting to stream video (wireless or otherwise), you have mpeg4ip, Darwin Streaming Server, and others.

For those wanting to see proof of IE’s vulnerabilities, you can test it here or here. Actually, I’m beginning to believe that Mozilla will eventually pass over IE. Mozilla has attracted a lot of developers to do funky things, whereas IE seems pretty much what it is: a PC browser and nothing more.

The postnuke home page has improved considerably. Kind of embarrassing that the previous version was so hard to use.

For those needing a funny diversion, here are some computer stupidities.






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