Searching for Friends

When I am bored, I like grabbing some names from the past and doing Internet searches on them. It is fun, especially when you find someone. There are two problems to doing this. First, it depends on whether your name is unique. I have a writing friend from Johns Hopkins named “Tracy Wallace.” I will never be able to find her with that general a name. Second, when women get married, they drop completely from the radar screen, and the only way you can find them is by checking their alumni news or something like that. Perhaps there is value in being difficult to be found on the web; perhaps as time goes on, we will value our privacy. Perhaps even if we knew how to contact information about these people, we wouldn’t bother to contact them anyway. While I certainly understand privacy concerns, I really wish it were possible to know where any given person was at any given time. It would be fun, wouldn’t it?