Ripping Off Art

Recently, I’ve been looking at the illegal art exhibit. It’s probably illegal to reprint these images, but here goes:

Ashley Holt's Notmickey protest logo Kieron Dwyer and his Lowest Common Denominator Comics Dick Detzner Yee Hee Hee 1988.
Click on the graphics for information about the artist.

Perhaps the oddest thing I saw is man who obtained the trademark for the phrase “freedom of expression”: Freedom of Expression Trademark .

Artist Kembrew McLeod describes his odyssey of obtaining and enforcing this trademark. His home page is worth a look, especially his mini-posters.

Also, here’s a article by Chris Gaither on the illegal art exhibit.

Dick Detzner (who made the DoBoy) also made amazing religious parodies in his “It is Written” exhibit.

Kieron Dwyer describes being sued by Starbucks for trademark infringement. (Also Part 2).






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  1. B. K. Oxley (binkley) Avatar

    Three-eared Mickey reminds me of the three-eyed fish in the Simpsons.

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