Critic V. Criticize

“Perhaps it the words ‘critic’ and ‘criticize’ that mislead us so often. Whoever put it into our heads that a critic should ‘criticize’? I have come to a conclusion: the evil and the ugliness will take care of themselves; it is the beautiful and good that need our care. It is easier to criticize than to care; why choose the easy way? If the critic has any function at all, it is to look for the good and beautiful around him, something that can help man to grow from inside; to try to bring it to the attention of others, explain it, interpret it–and not to clutch at some little pieces of dirt, or mistakes, or imperfections. As if those little mistakes and imperfections really matter in the end.” From Jonas Mekas’ “Movie Journal: The Rise of a New American Cinema, 1959-71”

According to a Dean Goodman article about Hollywood revenues the film ” American Wedding,” which cost about $55 million to make, will be hugely profitable for Universal Pictures, said Nikki Rocco, president of distribution at the Vivendi Universal SA -owned studio.

A few comments here. First, all of the American Pie films are just bad mainstream, Porky’s type films. (They aren’t even funny in my opinion). But I can understand the appeal of vulgar comedy. What I don’t understand is how a studio can spend $55 million on a film requiring no special effects or big name actors. On the other hand, they had to put out press packets so mainstream media could write puff-pieces about them. It is a sign of Hollywood’s irrelevance when it blows so much money on a mediocre film (and expects to earn a profit).






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