Find this Man a Job!

Garrett Mace wants a job as an electrical engineer. This sounds like I’m joking, but I entertained a similar strategy in spring 2002. I didn’t want to offer a substantial reward ( I couldn’t afford it), but a prize of symbolic value, kind of offbeat. I was considering offering a free expensive HAM to anyone who found me a job connection (I was doing this in conjunction with a blanket email with my resume and my favorite 10 links about technical writing and software development. After thinking about it exhaustively, I finally decided that the best 10 links were reward enough, and the idea of dangling a prize seemed to smack of desperation (which was true).






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  1. gm Avatar

    I’m actually getting ready to take that down, the job outlook is really improving lately. Job requirements are still high, but there are three times as many postings and soon they’ll run out of ultra-experienced engineers.

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