Plone Notes

A few notes about the plone conference I attended. (There will be more). Some conference talks, and one of the funniest was a 5 minute guide to all the Plone/CMF Products. Chris MacDonough’s Zope Mafia blog gives thoughts about the conference (more here. Plone has a good one page of Plone links (which is almost better than Other commentaries about the conference by ZopeZen , Jim Roepcke, and Laura Trippi .

Plone is one of those technologies I can’t wait to start playing with, if only I had the time.






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  1. pl1 pal Avatar

    Glad you could not make it. Over-all I think the conference was a success. Only about 40-50 attendees were expected, about 150 or more showed up! Pictures of the conference are starting to be posted:


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