Back in the Saddle Again!

Hi, there, I’m back. Regular visitors may have noticed that this weblog and share the music weblog have been offline for almost a week. While trying to create a new weblog using mysql, it seems that I accidentally deleted the main mysql database. I didn’t have the time to get to it (long story), but the interesting part is that I spent time backing up files and doing research, only to find that the initial mysql install script (mysql_install_db ? or something like that?) could be recreated without destroying my existing databases. Recovery was painless; it took 10-15 minutes, although I took a good bit of time analyzing and researching.

I have been running all my webpages from my webserver at home. Although it affords me a lot of flexibility, in truth, it is a bit of a bitch. I end up spending a lot of time replacing hardware and worrying about backup methods and web security without being to do the creative things I am so good at. This weekend for example, I will (finally) have time to write that backup/rsync script to mirror my webserver stuff on my second computer. I will also have time to research why my software RAID is giving me error messages (something very worrisome, but I have been able to ignore it for the past month). Only then will I feel comfortable enough to play around with my Zope cms.






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