Not Work Safe

40 Mistakes Men Make when Making Love. This article is actually 2 columns and includes a point by point response by a man. Not to be outdone, Rupert compiled a List of Mistakes that Women make when making love. Cosmicbabe gave insightful insightful responses. All this is discussed on Erosblog, a pleasantly literate look at erotica.

The articles and discussions above are work-safe (no pics), although Erosblog has an occasional tasteful photo or two. Another literary/erotic blog, fleshbot is kind of a boing boing for kama sutra with the occasional inappropriate photo (and certainly links to unworksafe stuff). It looks as if fleshbot has advertising dollars rolling in, and also I appreciate how you can press the gay/hetero button to rearrange the content on the page. Well done.






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  1. B. K. Oxley (binkley) Avatar

    I’m taking notes here, Bob. 🙂

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