Support Our Troops

Michael Moore on the Support Our Troops line:

Remember back in March, once the war had started, how risky it was to make any anti-war comments to people you knew at work or school or, um, at awards ceremonies? One thing was for sure; if you said anything against the war, you had better follow it up immediately with this line: “BUT I SUPPORT THE TROOPS!” Failing to do that meant that you were not only unpatriotic and un-American, your dissent meant that you were putting our kids in danger, that you might be the reason they lose their lives. Dissent was only marginally tolerated if you pledged your “support” for our soldiers.

Of course, you needed to do no such thing. Why? Because people like you have always supported “the troops.” Who are these troops? Most of them are our poor, our working class. Most of them enlisted because it was about the only place to get a job or receive the guarantee of a college education. You, my good friends, have always, through your good works, your contributions, your activism, your votes, supported these very kids who come from the other side of the tracks. You never need to be defensive when it comes to your “support” for the “troops” ? you are the only ones who have always been there for them.






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