Month: January 2004

  • What Happened to the Testicles of Henry James?

    An intriguing bit of literary detective work by Michael Woods on whether a stove-related burning accident caused Henry James to be impotent. Includes lots of chitchat by Fitzgerald and Hemingway.

  • POD Caveats

    An excellent list of Things to Look Out for on Print on Demand Books. I tend to dismiss a lot of them in this day and age.

  • Zope Lab Tools

    Tools for Plone. Ape for Zope

  • Joel Stein on Sex

    In his article on sex in America, Joel Stein wrote, “women think of sex as some strange form of relaxation therapy instead of as the rigorous sport it’s meant to be. ” This is a really entertaining read. Read his archives here.

  • How to Play the Media

    Trudy Lieberman writes an analysis of how politicians use and abuse the media . Actually, everything I learned about media handling I gained from watching the TV show “West Wing.”

  • John Edwards for President

    Today I donated $25 to the John Edwards for President campaign (after donating $20 to, $10 of which was matched by George Soros). John Edwards has always impressed me. He’s not as much of a populist as Howard Dean, and he has a better political knack. He believes in helping the middle class, but…

  • Dean and Fund Raising

    According to E.J. Dionne, “Something like a third of the money Dean has raised online comes from people under 30.” Amazing.

  • Don’t Go to Graduate School!

    An academic writes an article warning students not to go to graduate school. Also advice for those who must go and 5 virtues of successful graduate students. Professionalism obligates people to speak positively about their alma mater in public. Grad school is not all fun and personal enrichment for many people. It can involve poverty-level…

  • Lusting After a Haircut

    Simon Blackburn writes an impassioned defense of Lust. His contention seems reasonable enough: the criticisms of lust have not been for what lust is, but for what it prevents (by blocking out spiritual concerns), but who it is about (marital fidelity), and by its tendency to become self-justifying. Actually though, as he admits, lust is…

  • On Being Lucky

    Professor Richard Wiseman wrote a fascinating BBC article on being lucky: I gave both lucky and unlucky people a newspaper, and asked them to look through it and tell me how many photographs were inside. I had secretly placed a large message halfway through the newspaper saying: “Tell the experimenter you have seen this and…

  • Iranian Bloggers

    According to a Mark Glaser interview with imprisoned Iranian blogger Sina Motallebi , Iranian president recently bragged about the number of Persian weblogs, and Iran’s vice-president has a weblog . In the meantime, I see that my own weblog is more than 2 years old, and that my youngish share the music weblog is 5…

  • The Literary Maud Newton

    Adding Maud Newton to my bloglist. She’s a literary blogger/writer who studied with Padgett Powell. Apparently, the epononymous weblog is actually a group weblog, mostly culled (it seems) from Arts and Letters Daily and smaller literary ezines. Funny, two years ago, the Arts and Letters daily was a must read for me. I’m sure it’s…

  • Britney Spears and Me

    On a talk show, 21 year old Britney Spears admitted that they she liked older men, and when asked said that 38 was the upper limit for someone she considered dateable. Hope! (I turned 38 a month ago). More about Britney. For some reason a lot of people are anti-Britney , although I’m not that…

  • Plone Install How-to

    How to Install Plone 2.

  • Rotton Horoscopes

    Horoscopes that give you the rotten truth. (Thanks bluecad .

  • Dating Services and Probabilities

    A week ago I posted an amazing Business Week article about how the Singles community are becoming demographically more significant than the married community. Here’s an interesting analysis of why online dating services don’t succeed (several pages long) and an interesting demographic calculator. (Check the bottom for a breakdown by city). According to this soulmate…