5 Absolute Worst Foods You Can Eat

No surprises on what’s on the absolute worst foods you can eat. If anyone could recommend good weblogs/news sites for nutritional information, let me know. I need to eat more healthily! (A good recipe recommendation would be nice too).






4 responses to “5 Absolute Worst Foods You Can Eat”

  1. Raspil Avatar

    I wonder if that guy knows who Jim Fixx was.

  2. Robert Nagle Avatar
    Robert Nagle

    Oddly, although Fixx was known mainly for being a jogger and health/nutrition nut (and dying early), I first heard of him through his puzzle books (with titles like “Games for the Superintelligent,”; something having to do with Mensa). Silly.

  3. beaglebot Avatar

    Here’s a great nutrition info page http://www.nutritiondata.com/

  4. Raspil Avatar

    yeah, those foods are bad, no one’s going to stop eating them, so why bother having a list like that? we’re all going to die anyway, and if i want a donut or a diet pepsi or a cigarette or shot of whiskey, i’m going to exercise my free will. everything in excess is bad no matter what it is, moderation is the key. this is captain obvious now ending my broadcast day.

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