Anti-Bush Political Commercials

Here are the finalists for the Bushin30seconds Political Ad Contest. My favorite is: Bush’s Repair Shop, but all are creative and well done.






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  1. A Alexander  "Seftn" Stella Avatar

    Well, quite a few right-wing partisans are now blaming the ‘media’ for exacerbating the recent scandals, in which the current administration is immersed. Isn’t it funny? What really set their teeth on edge was a remark by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. How dare she claim that President George W Bush is – gasp! – INCOMPETENT.

    If you happen to believe that she hit the nail on the head, you might enjoy reading my proposed version of a state of the union that the NEXT president should deliver. To access it, you need only click on the hi-lited hyperlink below.

    By the way, the proprietors of the website have provided a couple ways for you to leave your comments.

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