Britney Spears and Me

On a talk show, 21 year old Britney Spears admitted that they she liked older men, and when asked said that 38 was the upper limit for someone she considered dateable. Hope! (I turned 38 a month ago).

More about Britney. For some reason a lot of people are anti-Britney , although I’m not that way at all. But the recent marriage stunt and kissing Madonna stunt, maybe I’m just conspiracy-prone, but doesn’t that sound like the byproduct of a clever PR team? Later. Ok, after reading this article, this possibility seems remote, nigh impossible. Thank god for people who don’t take life too seriously.

Another People-exclusive story: WHAT’S IN A NAME?
There’s no confusing Jason Alexander, Britney Spears’s husband for a minute, with the older, balder Jason Alexander, who played the bewildered sidekick George Costanza on Seinfeld. And the young Mr. Alexander’s friend and adviser Michael Jackson (who was a running back for the Baltimore Ravens) bears no resemblance to the embattled singer of the same name. Now, for another identity twist: Guess who’s stepping in to help the non-pop-star Jackson and the non-Seinfeld Alexander? A non-singing, non-movie star Louisiana attorney named Vanessa Williams.






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