John Edwards for President

Today I donated $25 to the John Edwards for President campaign (after donating $20 to, $10 of which was matched by George Soros). John Edwards has always impressed me. He’s not as much of a populist as Howard Dean, and he has a better political knack. He believes in helping the middle class, but he’s relatively free trade. Also, I tend to think that the Bubbas of the world won’t find Howard Dean very appealing, whereas they might glom onto Wesley Clark or John Edwards. On another note: imagine if Al Gore had selected John Edwards for his vice-presidential pick in 2000. It might have helped him pick up another southern state (perhaps even Gore’s home state).






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  1. Jenny Avatar

    You know, every time I see that name I immediately think of the psychic. I guess idiotic pop culture is more pervasive than I’d like to admit.

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