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In case anyone was keeping up with it, I’ve started posting regularly again on my Share the Music Weblog in the last week or so. Believe it or not, I’m always finding great music on dmusic and Internet Audio Archives, and I barely have time to mention these things on this weblog. For those who just want my playlists, here’s where you can find the dmusic playlists of Robert Nagle.

I’ve interested in the iRiver 40gig ihp-140 which apparently isn’t out yet. As stated before, I’m in the market for a heavy duty mp3 player which I can use mainly for voice recording. The ihp-120 is at $325-350, and I expect the 140 to retail for $500 when that comes out. Is the “premium pricing” worth the convenience of having double the space?” Even if I use the 140 for voice recording, I won’t have to worry about filling it up anytime soon. On the other hand, by the time the 140 is upon us, the 120 will be going for $250-275, very tempting indeed.

Right now I have these hardware things to do: 1)install DVDwriter, 2)setup TV DVD Player, 3)Take vacuum out of the box, 4)configure Digital Camera so that it talks to my computer, 5)solve my software RAID problem, which will probably mean installing a new harddrive and 6)installing my mp3 CD player so that it works in my car.

My weekends, by the way are never fun.






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