Oreilly Interview on Fresh Air Terry Gross

You know, I thought I’d seen everything. But judging from my web traffic, it appears that a lot of Oreilly fanatics are searching for all the weblogs mentioning “Fresh Air interview” and Bill Oreilly and then writing asinine comments on them. I deleted three comments already.

Some thoughts about that. First, you Oreilly heads, get a life. Do you really have anything better to do? I have to wonder whether there is a spambot doing all this. It raises the question: could free expression ever come to a halt if a politically repressive body were to unleash hate speech spambots on open publications? Imagine if a cadre of Chinese government programmers were to do a DOS or blog comment attack on blogs with a certain amount of keywords?

For the time being, I’m leaving comments unmoderated but I fear the time for that will quickly end.







3 responses to “Oreilly Interview on Fresh Air Terry Gross”

  1. Michael D'Souza Avatar
    Michael D’Souza

    Wow you really seem to be a bigoted moron!
    Can’t accept criticism huh?
    I’m certainly not an “oreilly fan” but I appreciate what I think
    is fair and intelligent analysis – which is a lot more than u
    Do you only want comments that support yr assinign point of view?

  2. D Avatar

    I’m gonna comment on the first comment here, if that is all right.

    He has a point. Why are you deleting comments; even if they are inflammatory? Man, I’ve been searching for comments on this whole Fresh Air debacle, after I heard some user comment on NPR this past weekend, and I couldn’t find any! I thought other people would want to comment on the way Bill O’Reilly just totally flipped out, and then told his own listeners that his website was the difinitive source regarding the Fresh Air interview. But, no comments. Is it because people are burying the negative commentary?

    Anyway, I’m surprised I didn’t hear about this interview before now, almost a year after it happened. It is, I think telling. At least Terry Gross got the last say – I say Bill O’Reilly had it coming.

  3. Robert Nagle Avatar
    Robert Nagle

    Funny you mentioned this. The first commenter did have interesting points to make and in fact we exchanged some interesting emails. The other three were obscenity-laced and although I’m normally reluctant to delete anything, I had a suspicion that someone had written an automatic script to produce these comments.

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