What Future SUV’s Will Look Like

Paris and London consider a ban on SUV’s. Says a Green Party activist:

“They’re polluters, they’re space-occupiers, they’re dangerous for pedestrians and other road users. They’re a caricature of a car.”

Here’s some great ideas for future SUV’s.
SUV hearse







4 responses to “What Future SUV’s Will Look Like”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    The SUV in your pic looks like a hearse…I find that quite amusing. Anyway, I normally don’t mind SUVs as such. They are actually good haulers. My problem lies in the fact that most people don’t use them to haul anything, except their suburban-sprawling asses to the Super Wal-Mart so they can get 3 months’ worth of groceries for the price of one. Talk about a colossal waste of resources… Still, not all SUVs are bad — the Saturn VUE rocks. It gets the same gas mileage as my Pontiac Grand Prix, costs about the same, and has tons more storage. Its profile is only slightly larger than a sedan…so, it’s easy to see around if you’re driving behind it. Perhaps Paris and London could make a loophole in that ban using the VUE as a benchmark…

  2. Robert Avatar

    Yes, I’ve been hearing stories about SUV’s getting better gas mileage. That is good. But how much do these things costs? Surviving at capitalism means buying what you need and nothing more. These SUV’s are expensive.

  3. Jenny Avatar

    True, most SUVs are terribly expensive. But the Saturn VUE I test drove a couple weeks ago was around $22K, loaded comparably to my current car which was about the same price when it was new. Not too bad, considering that the SUVs I see on the road on any given day in my area start at several thousand more than that. And assuming, of course, one actually needs the cargo room. Still, therein lies the rub. Most people who drive SUVs live in more environments much more genteel than intended for a vehicle of this type. It’s a pity that there are people who believe it necessary to legislate in order to force people to exercise good judgement like so many single-celled organisms responding blindly to a random heat source. But I suppose when so many people refuse to use their heads when buying a vehicle, there is naught else to be done.

  4. Robert Avatar

    “environments much more genteel.” that is a good insight. I read somewhere that over the last 50 years houses have grown much bigger (which is good, I guess), and by extension that means our cards should be bigger, right? Because I know you are from Texas (like me), you can appreciate the predominance of SUV’s in our driving spaces in a way people from other states or countries can understand. Perhaps when we have lots of land, cheap real estate, cheap houses, the logical extension is that we ought to have the biggest roadways and the biggest cars to enjoy while we travel on them.

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