Month: August 2004

  • Odds and Ends

    Community discussion about best sci films. DM Thomas on 20 years of botched efforts to make a movie of White Hotel. Michael Moore on the Republican Convention. Health benefits of chocolate Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids, which act as natural antioxidants — chemicals that combat the damage oxygen does to the body. However, that…

  • Red v. Blue Viewing Habits

    Here’s an article about what kinds of TV shows Republicans, Democrats and Undecideds like. Undecideds like: Fear Factor,””Who Wants to Marry My Dad?”, “For Love & Money” “My Wife and Kids,” “CSI: Miami,” “Jag,” and “Will & Grace.” This marketing research is somewhat bogus; it’s unclear for example how strong is the preferences for these…

  • Quotes about Writing

    Mark Twain: “Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.” Douglas Adams: “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” John Ciardi: “You don’t have to suffer to be a poet. Adolescence is enough suffering for anyone.” Peter De Vries: “I love being…

  • Feed Searches

    Joseph Scott reviews the web services that purport to search through RSS feeds. Jean Hollis Weber on doing technical writing with OpenOffice. As an aside, I will mention that I spend 95% of my time at work writing Winhelp documents requiring MS Word and hate every minute of it. (To be fair, it’s not entirely…

  • Political Protest is Defeated

    I try to be fair-minded towards the Republican party, but episodes like this just remind me that the Republican Party is ultimately one of intolerance.

  • Kerry’s War Record

    Hal Crowther’s essay, With Trembling Fingers : You say you vote for the president because you’re a conservative. Are you sure? I thought conservatives believed in civil liberties, a weak federal executive, an inviolable Constitution, a balanced budget and an isolationist foreign policy. George Bush has an attorney general who drives the ACLU apoplectic and…

  • Walmart’s Evildoing & Pickles

    Here’s a Paul Solman report on Walmart’s dominance where he mentions that Walmart’s rise explains 10% of America’s productivity growth. According to economist, Arin Dube, We have found that Wal-Mart employees take up 40 percent more in public assistance like food stamps or public health programs than other retail workers in California.We have found that…

  • Calling it in

    I’m way behind on posting. Web page analyzer. How to do a good about page. (Thanks to Matt). Dan Bricklin on RSS Iraqi Civilian Body Count Frivolous anti-shock site . Dogme95 Film Site and an interesting account of Lars von Trier’s latest film. More later (Just calling it in today).

  • A Geek Writes About Having Sex for the First Time

    A thoughtful essay about a male virgin about having sex for the first time with a prostitute (sexual references, but generally worksafe site): Perhaps they’ve built up your expectations so high that you’re expecting a wonderful experience, and the first time you go to a restaurant they are out of Tiramisu, so your tension is…

  • Houston Great Books

    A few days ago I attended a high-minded discussion of E.M Forster’s Passage to India at Houston Great Books . (This organization has several different chapters all over Houston).

  • Open-Source Course Development

    I used to read elearningpost every day and have grown out of the habit. I’m trying to catch up. Judith Boettcher writes an interesting article about online course development where she links to two useful resources to online course software: a review of of weblearning software and Sakai, which is basically a java-based content framework…

  • Community, at a Price

    Just when I was marvelling at ivillage’s great relationship board, I see that the multimessage view is available for a low price of $35 a year. This is another example of how big commercial sites cripple their features in order to “sell” the normal features. Uggh!

  • Free WinSecurity programs

    A slashdot forum on security for the home PC produces the following helpful utilities: Avast antivirus and Zonealarm (free version)

  • The Python Paradox

    Slashdot discussion of Paul Graham’s article about why Python programmers are smarter than Java programmers.

  • Blogging and Defamation

    Maud Newton’s Interview with Lyrissa Lidsky about bloggers, defamation and the law: It is true that at least one federal court has suggested that the Communications Decency Act, a federal statute, gives bloggers immunity from defamation liability if they simply act as a conduit in ?republishing? the defamatory statement of someone else. (Batzel v. Smith,…

  • Random Thoughts on Creativity

    Artist Hugh McCleod has written a list of tips for creativity. Read below for my thoughts: