10 Films Each Saturday

From Nikki Finke’s profile about IMDB’s founder, Col Needham:

On a typical Saturday, Needham would watch 10 films back to back. In a year, he?d screen 1,100. Not surprisingly, he began to lose track of which films he?d seen and which he hadn?t. So, at age 23, he started a personal database to keep a log that also could be printed out for his friends to take to the video store. ?It?s a terribly geeky thing to do, but it turned out all right in the end,? says Needham.


Speaking of God, one of IMDB?s most notorious goofs occurred this year when, on the morning of February 25, Mel Gibson?s The Passion of the Christ opened. That same day, reports noted that IMDB had God ? with a capital G ? listed as a credited contributor to the movie and with his own personal IMDB.com page. By noontime, the credit was gone. By nighttime, the page was gone, too. But not before it referred users to other films in which He had been portrayed, from The Prince of Egypt to Oh, God!






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