Authors Shouldn’t Blog?

A slightly ridiculous and fallacious AP article (which deleted the writer’s byline) about why authors don’t blog. I wonder, why would authors with established reputations and contacts in the publishing industry and no day jobs tend to think that blogging is bad/unnecessary/pointless? And why would unknown writers try to do surreptitious blogging when at their day job? Give Stephen King a cubicle job, and you know he’ll be blogging just as much as Glen and Cory and Maud. Give me a stipend to quit my day job, a book contract and I’ll be happy to find blogging beneath me. Until that time comes (and I fully expect it NOT to), I’ll continue blogging, thank you.

On a related note, I’ve been blogging for more than 4 years, and still my daily web traffic stays at 20 visitors a day. Hey, I’m not in it for the glory!

Note to self: stop whining about writing on blog. Time to buy a cat.







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