Bloggers and Advertising

Kinsey Wilson on the effectiveness of online ads.:

The market already has taken these differences into account. The New York Times, for example, charges a $20 CPM (cost per thousand ad impressions) for old-style banners, a $30 CPM for vertical banners and leader boards, and $40 for its poster units. That latter highest rate also covers the half-page ad, pioneered by the Times in April 2003 and mimicked by other sites — consistent with Eyetrack’s findings that size and proximity to editorial content yield better performance.

Maud Newton on literary blogging. BTW, Maison Neuve is a decent lit mag. So is Bookninja! , which in addition to the catchy name is really beautifully laid out. So many litmags under the sun!

A washington Monthly forum on What if Bush wins?

Interestingly, in googlelabs , people can create their own online groups, with membership and self-publishing capabilities. You can bookmark your own groups and special posts. Exciting stuff.







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