Eye into one’s Sole

Linux migration tips. . Also how to configure linux for new users.

Altweekly, a good aggregator of weekly newspapers.

Quoting Kenneth Champeon in full:

10 September 2004: Waiting for the bus on Portland’s Burnside Avenue early this morning, I was approached by a man who claimed to know where I had bought my running shoes. He said he could do this just by looking at the soles. Then, and I am not making this up, he pulled out one of his eyeballs. I’ve witnessed a lot of weirdness and incivility on Portland’s streets over the past several days, but by this one the cake was taken.

Jane Roper’s translation of WritingWorkshop speak.

Paul Collins responds to the NEA report regarding reading. Darn, I was going to write that piece.

Thanks, Maudnewton for all the great links. Assume that if I don’t attribute the source, I got it from the Maud/Stephany crew.







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