Comic Debates

Jessi Klein on the presidential debates (she’s a comic):

I love it when Bush refers to al Qaeda as a “group of folks.” They’re a “group of folks” who hate America. A “group of folks” usually refers to something more low key, like The Mamas and the Papas. Also, he just meant to say we want to capture Osama bin Laden and said Saddam Hussein instead. Freudian slip much?

love the way Bush talks about “spreading” liberty and “spreading” freedom. Like they’re this peanut butter and jelly that can just be piled on top of slices of other countries. Should we just be bombing Iraq and Afghanistan with Skippy and Smuckers? Not a bad idea. Can we AFFORD that?

From her website:

Democratic VP candidate John Edwards: I know I’m not going out on a limb with this one since a lot of people find him hot, but the thing that I find most attractive about him is: his chubby wife. I mean, she’s totally hot, but it’s just awesome that he is clearly so into her and her chubbiness. When they’re interviewed together and she speaks, he gazes at her in a manner that my dad describes as “Reverse Nancy Reagan.”

I’m looking forward to the barbs from the late night comedians.






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