Fun with Zope Products

Docfinder, a zope addon that lets you view zope API documentation. Docfindertab is an extension of this allowing you to view this documentation via a tab. Note, though this is cool sounding, Dieter Maurer recommends adding this product only for trusted systems behind a firewall (and no public access). It’s useful for a development environment.

Notes from Chris MacDonough’s talk about Serving Static Content with Zope.

2 articles: Creating portlets with editable static content and Big Picture about Zope and acquisition/skinning.

CMFURLSkinSwitcher claims to make it easier to switch skins based upon the location part of the URL. This seems to be what I want; I want to customize what shows on my plone page according to its context in the site. This plone stuff is quite complicated; right now, I’m beginning to see how plone skins work, but while reading Andy McKay’s book, I am getting frustrated about how complicated it is to change a view according to the directory path you are working in (because in plone/zope, URL paths are just programming constructs.

Article: How to Set a Skin for a folder by kavanagh. Creating a Custom Skin by Constantin. How to Create a Static Slot (aka Naked Portlets ).

I think people think hierarchically in terms of content. With straight html, you could specify a customized style sheet (one for fiction page) and your mysql/php template would contain or not contain a trigger to include a table or page element. It’s similar in plone, but less direct. With plone’s system of acquisition, hierarchy is determined by skins folder and not by the hierarchy of the file system.

Actually, here’s my problem. It’s not zope (which is hard, but then again, what isn’t? ). The problem is that every time I come closer to figuring things out, my weekend is over, and I go to work on Monday (and turn my brain off once again). Right now it is 1:30 AM; my brain is finally working perfectly; at best it has an hour of good thinking left; then I fall asleep, wake late Monday morning, drag myself through the day and come home too tired to do anything. Welcome to my life.

Two other notes: first, the Plone how-to page has actually been useful. I’ve noticed that the plone/zope site has not always been user-friendly, often because it’s cumbersome to output the right amount of content onto a single page that doesn’t overwhelm the reader with too too much information (or worse, too little). Second, am I the only blogger who blogs regularly about plone?






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