Plone API’s

Here’s a helpful chart of Plone/Zope API’s (classes, methods, etc) which is also here is a less friendly form (and here is a local version on my own webserver). This was what I was missing from Andy McKay’s book. Also, here’s an overview of Plone’s objects, a list of Plone HowTo’s and of course the Plone collective. Last weekend ZPhotoSlides was released. I tested it out. It works all right, although it messed up the view of My Folder (hopefully that’s a minor thing).






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  1. Kiernan Holland Avatar

    Plone seems to suffer from the blob antipattern.. I don’t guess people pay much attention antipatterns, but my feeling is plone looks like comething a C programmer would make if he drew the conclusion that a library is a form of multiple inheritance, and that objects are like libraries of functions.. Then the value of simplicity and overloading of operations, and unification is completely lost.. I doubt plone will scale. But I’m learning it nevertheless..

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