Pre-1923 Books to Download

Ever since I became aware of the significance of 1922 with respect to copyright, I’ve become very knowledgable about fiction right before then. U. of Penn has a nice list of what titles were hot in the decade before 1923. (Here, more books are listed by category). The links are to .txt and .html files, but it looks like has a lot of them in the various ebook formats. In the meantime, I’ve started reading Musset’s Confession of a Child of the Century, which fictionalizes his love affair with George Sand (whose books I’ve also downloaded to my reader) . This is the sort of book that one just never hears about! And Henry James wrote a critical bio of Musset–imagine that! (downloaded that too). (Update, Musset’s novel has been made into a film..starring Juliette Binoche. I’m speechless).






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