Ben Brown: Do Not Listen to Bloggers!

Austin writer/publisher Ben Brown is sick of CNN going gaga about bloggers:

Earlier, they had a special 10 minute section where they covered, like it was real news, what blogs were covering. SO CNN IS COVERING WHAT BLOGS ARE BLOGGING.

They said the word “blog stars.” And “power bloggers.” I am going to shoot myself. This is the death rattle of everything I hold dear. My world view has literally just split open wide, shot forth an alien parasite, and then withered into a puddle of steaming goo. I hate you all, and I want to die.

JESUS CHRIST, its still going. HOW DO YOU TRUST BLOGGERS? Who is credible?

I will tell you who is credible. ME. I am credible. And I tell you this: DO NOT LISTEN TO BLOGS. They are crazy! CRAZY! Anyone who has a blog is a total nut job, and should not be trusted.

Ben Brown runs the UBER humor site and this crazy online dating parody site (and I still can’t figure out which parts of it are a joke and which is supposed to be serious). (BTW, here’s a funny I’m just not into you card). Ben has written and published a few books with sonewmedia and works with James Stegall on a serial novel site called serialtext. BTW, Stegall’s site contains links to other sonewmedia authors like

Generally Ben Brown is outrageous, fun, campy and quite a performer onstage at storytelling events. My only complaint is that it’s impossible to navigate through the multitude of his projects online (it sounds petty to say this, but oh, well). Also, it’s hard keeping track of what’s going on. (I wish smaller creative projects could have newsletters with real news that are emailed every two months or so).

Over the next few weeks I’ll have to explore this site more fully.

On another note, I have noticed that Brown and others have started migrating over to myspace, thus complicating the universe unnecessarily. First, it was yahoo/msn chatting profiles, then it was friendster (which I barely got though I posted the obligatory about page),,, linkedin,, eharmony, springstreet, and now this. I am getting really really tired of migrating the same snarky photos and #$#$#$$ data about favorite books, films, singers to the social-networking site de jour.