Chris Rock’s Tuxedo

Interview with Chris Rock in preparation of his hosting the Oscar awards:

When did the Academy ask you to host?
They’ve probably been calling me since ’97. I had turned it down – it seemed like an older guy’s gig, with a tuxedo and all, and I really liked doing the MTV Awards.This year, MTV did their awards in Miami, and something just seemed really young about it. Normally, there’s, like, one person I don’t know. But there might have been four people that I had no clue about. ”Who the hell’s that guy? Is he a rapper? A singer?” All these kids were screaming, and I was watching, thinking ”Hmm, I think I’m too old for this show.” At that moment I had a tux made.
So I’ll assume you don’t care what people are wearing.
Nothing against people who aren’t straight, but what straight guy that you know cares? Who gives a f—? They’re clothes. I’m wearing Sean John, by the way. Help out the black designer, fine. Like Armani needs me to wear a f—ing tux to help them out.