Academic Supression

Whiskey Bar notes parallels between the rhetoric of the Chinese cultural revolution and that of modern conservatives:

For those on the right, true freedom requires more diversity–which, to them, means more conservatives in faculty ranks. “If the system were fair,” says Larry Mumper, sponsor of the Ohio bill, “Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity would be tenured professors somewhere.”

Fighting Words 101
March 7, 2005

“We will strike down the reactionary, bourgeois academic savants! . . . We will vigorously establish proletarian intellectual authorities, our own academic savants.”

Lin Piao, Deputy Chairman
Communist Party of China
Speech to Red Guards
August 18, 1966

Other academic suppressions seem to be taking place.

(One interesting detail about the CUNY protest. Although I generally accept the commondreams version of events, they conveniently failed to mention that Hadas Thier, a 28 year old “student” is actually the author of a book on Che Guevera).






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