Female Arab Authors: Sexy and Nonsexy

Moorishgirl lists female Arab authors who have written explicitly about sex.

Thanks, I bookmarked a lot of books and did a lot of browsing as a result of this post. (Such as Diana Abu-Jabar’s book Crescent, which seems to have gotten good buzz. Hmm, I wonder if Moorishgirl or Maud haven’t already covered this woman’s writings before… Apparently, yes and yes).

Also, Rania Masri has a good list of Arab women books. She has written about Iraq issues. I am not 100% sure, but I think she spoke on Pacifica Radio last week about odious debts and Iraq. Apparently, the wartorn state of Iraq will be paying multinational fastfood franchises and department stores as part of reparations in Kuwait. Also, much of Bush’s policies in Iraq have been accomodating to the interests of American businesses:

The CPA first created the “Trade Bank of Iraq” (Order 20, July 17, 2003). (17) The bank will manage billions of dollars to finance imports and exports. Operating the Trade Bank of Iraq will give banks access to the financial system of Iraq, where foreign bank companies haven’t operated since a policy of nationalization in the 1950s and 1960s. And who will operate the Trade Bank? JP Morgan Chase & Co, the second largest US bank by assets, which also happened to give $105,705 to Bush’s 2000 campaign, making him the fourth-biggest recipient of Chase political contributions since 1990, will lead a group that includes thirteen banks representing thirteen countries to run the Bank for three years.

(Curious, Ms. Masri was in Houston protesting Halliburton last year. For those interested, I drive past the headquarters of Halliburton/Brown & Root every day. It’s less than 5 miles from my apartment). Here’s another article by Masri with more information and detail.

Update: There is an audio version of Crescent available and free from my city library. I can’t wait! (That’s what I’ll be listening to on my way to Austin and back next week).

BTW, if you ever wish to see my amazon wish list, it’s here. I’m pretty liberal about putting things on my wishlist, but there’s a helluva lot of good titles there.