Waiting for the Artists to Move In

Jason Pettus on how certain areas of real estate become trendy when the gays and artists move in (quoted in full):

You may think that your actions and projects mean nothing to the mainstream populace, but you’re wrong – there are millions of simpering idiots and hucksters out there, viewing underground artists as a valuable commodity, salivating every time they move to a new shitty neighborhood, because they know that they’ll be selling condos to yuppies in that neighborhood merely ten years from now. It’s your job as an underground artist – hell, it’s your duty – to screw with this process as much as possible, and to ensure that no one out there is able to make money from you without your permission. You may lose the battles (a lot), but at least you can proudly say that you waged the war to begin with. And make no mistake; in the times in which we currently live, there is a war going on between underground artists and the mainstream population.