Creative Commons Abuses

Larry Lessig pursues a lawsuit against a school for child molestation.

Interview with Fading Ways:
CC: What’s your ideal vision of how the music industry could be and how do you think we can get there?

Ideally no artist should EVER sign their copyright (the ownership of their work including moral rights) over to a company that will then profit unfairly from that artists’ work. I say unfairly because often, the major label makes all the money, while the artist gets none, or very little. For example, several labels were deducting “breakage” points off of digital music sales! The problems of the music industry run deep, all the way back to the days of Tin Pan Alley and the concept of “music publishing” which is a key concept to understand in terms of who owns what in the music world. Ideally every artist should own their own publishing and use and license their work however they see fit, instead of relinquishing control over to the labels.

Search Engine Tools (great annotated list)

Matt Haughey proposes that George Lucas put Star Wars in the creative commons.

Conan O’Brien on the future of television
. Not to be taken seriously!