DVD’s for Hissyfit Christians

You may remember that George W. Bush signed into law a bill that would allow Christian companies to re-edit Hollywood DVDs. The company that does this is Clearplay, and here’s a sample rating of a film we used to love: Babe. Here’s what Clear Play says:

Thematic Elements and Related Content in Movie: Implied Premarital Sex Implied Extramarital Sex, Revealing Clothing, Some Suggestive Dancing, Some Suggestive Dialogue Alcohol Consumption, Smoking Bar/Club Environment, Mature Thematic Elements Divorce Topic, Dysfunctional Relationships

Revealing Clothing? And I thought I was the only one turned on by all that sexy porcine flesh! Suggestive dancing? Did the cats dance the lambada while I ducked out to use the restroom?

Before the Christian community attacks the “problem” of gay marriage, it first needs to attack the problem of animals born out of wedlock and then the problem of animals that frolic around without pants.






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