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How long has The Simpsons been shown in Thailand?
Since 1994, The Simpsons has aired each Saturday night at 9 pm. In 2001, UBC changed its schedule to make use of deadtime between their commerical-fee shows, and began airing the Simpsons at 8:40pm. In October, 2002, they gave up on this scheduling and switched the Simpsons to 9:00pm. It is then repeated twice on Sunday and then on the following Thursday. After each season, the show is replaced by a season of another animated season (such as King of the Hill, Futurama, or Family Guy) before the next season is shown. The Simpsons appears on a cable network, originally called IBC, which eventually merged with its only competitor and become UBC.

Ok, I can understand why the Rupert Murdoch would export the Simpsons to all sorts of farflung countries, but King of the Hill? For the next 10-20 years this will be the primary way people will learn about what Texas life is like. As a longtime Texan, I have to say that Mike Judge’s vision is not too far from reality. I like how Hank Hill and friends are obsessed with lawn mowing and view any breakdown as an exciting home repair opportunity.






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