Tips for Scanning Old Photos

I need to scan lots of old family photos. Here are some handy articles about how to scan photos for archiving.

Kimberly Powell writes a detailed guide on Tips for Scanning & Restoring

Another excellent piece by Ralph G. McKnight about photo archiving for long periods of time (150 years, etc)

Workflow on photo archiving, with overview and links to other articles (By Sue Chastain).

Guidelines for saving photos in photo albums

Great Scantips by Wayne Fulton, with FAQ, Restoration, How to Clean Scanners and comparison of file formats to save in .

Article by David Mishkin on Restoring Old Photos .

Protecting Old Photos by Australian Archive Association.

Other interesting bits: how to date your photos (by visual cues): Maureen A. Taylor about how to follow the clues. Halvor Moorshead has more thoughts and examples. (He also has written a great concise article about scanning old photos) . Also interesting: Using clothing styles to date photos.
General advice about handling a photo preservation project