Blogs in Political Campaigns

Scott Henson on the political use of weblogs

In a recent study, Pew identified three general types of blogs:

* Personal diaries (75% of blogs)
* Filter blogs (15-20%)
* K-blogs or Knowledge blogs (3-5%)

Personal diaries are typically aimed at an audience no greater than 15-25 people. K-blogs are specialized in an issue area — like Grits, I suppose — and combine links to in-depth resources with original content. Filter blogs, said Cornfield, combine editorial commentary with links to sources from the MSM and other blogs. They’re the ones most likely to link to political campaigns’ sites or help spread their messages.

Scott Henson’s Grits for Breakfast covers lots of legislative and political issues important to Texas (from a somewhat liberal point of view). Lots of good reporting and analysis. How 14% of agricultural exports are illegal drugs and why probation revocation rates in Harris County in Houston are so high.

See also: Solutions for Texas, a prison reform group for Texas.