Managing Plone Setups with Subversion

Great post by Matt Rohrer about how to install and maintain plone using Subversion. Lots of tips.

Version control with subversion for nonprogrammers. By Keith R. Fieldhouse. More tips on checking in/out with subversion by Limi. Still More tips by Tom Lazar and specifically on plone’s quills. Jens Klein on how to check out plone/collective things via subversion . Just to go overboard, here’s zope’s faq about subversion. and subclipse, en eclipse plugin for subversion.

Two other links: a crash course in subversion (chapters from a book by Garrett Rooney) and the official Subversion doc later made into an Oreilly book.
I’m really going to rely on subversion for my new web server. I’ll be building it in the next week or two.



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