Mukhtar Mai & Draconian Measures

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Mukhtar Mai (Pakistani rape victim and advocate) is now being held by the Pakistani government for wanting to go overseas. In a deft political move, the US met with Pakistan’s foreign minister last Friday (according to Nick Kristof). Nick Kristof, who now I suppose is America’s most influential columnist, has a weblog and an online forum. I’d pay money to support Mr. Kristof; too bad he’s behind the NYT login.

Steve Sailer on aesthetics of golf courses

On another note, while clicking a link on the Pakistani advocate’s site, I was frustrated to find it opening up a PDF file. You know the horrors: the sudden freezing of your browser while the browser lamely tries to launch Adobe Acrobat, and the wait (often as long as 30-60 seconds) just to read a one page document. I hate PDF’s and yet at my job have to produce them (one of the perils being a technical writer, I suppose). If I had my way, any content developer who links to a PDF without specifying in the link that it is a PDF file should be stoned.