Jay Nordlinger Describes Albania (and I Do Too)

Jay Nordlinger writes about visiting Albania in a three part essay: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Here’s an anecdote about Kadare:

And I hear a marvelous story about him. He was at some dinner in Paris, at which speaker after speaker denounced Bush, the United States, and the War on Terror. Everyone applauded, of course. And then Kadare got up to speak, saying that anti-Americanism was obnoxious, that America was shouldering the responsibility of free men and women, etc. And the same people who had applauded the earlier speakers applauded him even more robustly. The lesson: Sometimes people simply go along with some approved line; you may not know what they really think.

As a former Peace Corps volunteer, I found his depiction compelling and accurate. (See also one of my essays about Albania and my annotated photolog of my Albania travels )on flickr. I should mention that I have produced several audio stories of my Albania stories as well as several additional unpublished travel essays. Someday (we hope) they will see the light of day.