Liveblogging: Juliet Sutherland

Juliet Sutherland from Distributed Proofreaders project is talking:

20% in languages other than English.

“Smooth reading” pool; Anyone can download the text for pleasure while in the processing phase.

“stealth scannos” arid/and, he/be scanning mistakes that are nonetheless correctly spelled

Slight headache.

Project Gutenburg Europe: Different Public Domain Rules (Life +50) means they’ll be proofreading stuff US PG can’t touch.

PG can scan/proofread lots of projects so large in size that it would be impractical to do otherwise.

20% of the PG projects are English. PG Europe presumably has access to lots of English text

Coase’s Penguin, or Linux and the Nature of the Firm
by Yochai Benkler.

Future directions for Digital Proofreading Project: Geneology, other?

Most amusing texts found in Project Gutenburg.

Anecdote: Just for a joke she picked a book with a funny title for the Halloween. “Foot Diseases of the Horse” or something like that. After doing it apparently, apparently a lot of people downloaded the text (the reason was not apparent). This shows (she said) why we shouldn’t prejudge what kinds of content younger generations are interested in.