Omelette Arnold Bennett

Arnold Bennett has an omelette recipe named after him. I’m close to finishing Old Wives Tale and am close to pronouncing it the finest novel written in English I’ve ever come across. I have a feeling that over the next year or two I’ll be reading a lot more of him.

Here’s an introduction to Bennett by the literary encyclopedia and a Stokes-on-Trent article and bibliography of his works. FYI, Bennett is in the public domain, so all of his works are easy to find on blackmask. Correction: All of his major works were written pre-1923, but several major works were post-1923 (including the well-regarded Riceyman Steps). Correction, Riceyman Steps is now in the public domain. And look, the 1930 work Imperial Palace is also in the public domain. Horray for publishers who let old novels revert to the public domain!