Scott Spears on video production

Blogumentary, Chuck Olsen blogs about his documentary about blogging. How self-referential is that (I wonder if he’ll link to this post about him?). He also seems to do a lot of blogging about the vlogging world. Here’s a Wired feature story on him and the vlogging community. Here’s a scoop by Wired of interesting vloggers out there. Personal Note: I performed a story at SXSW Fray Cafe right before Amanda Congdon (of Rocketboom fame). My one brush with greatness (aside from hearing John Barth and Joseph Heller talk in the bathroom and Jacques Derrida eating cheese at a wine & cheese party.

Get Creative, a video short by Scott Spears. Intense 5 minute school drama. More videos by Scott Spears here.

Here’s his advice to new filmmakers, buying a 1st time camera and assembling a lowcost light-kit. More helpful articles here and be sure not to miss the tech tips (in streaming video!) on the same page.

From an article about location scouting.

… Akira Kurosawa when … asked how he achieved a perfect frame for a period film he directed…, said, if I had panned to the right there was a modern factory and if I panned to the left, there were power lines, so the frame was set.