Kim Jong Il Demands Ipod


Mercurial North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il threw a monkey wrench into the six-party talks about North Koreas nuclear program today by demanding that the other five nations give him an Apple iPod Shuffle.

While some diplomats in Beijing believe that buying off the mercurial Kim with an iPod Shuffle and possibly a gift certificate to the online Apple Music Store represented a cost-efficient way to defuse the North Korean nuclear crisis, others advised caution.If we give in to Kim Jong-il on the iPod Shuffle, whats next? said U.S. negotiator Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill. Hell want an Xbox, a PlayStation Portable and one of those cool camera phones.

This comes from Andy Borowitz’s great political humor site. Also: Bush Seeks Support For Dirty Air Act, NETWORKS ASK JACKSONS JUDGE FOR NEW TRIAL (Current Proceedings Not Long Enough, News Outlets Argue). This guy is hilarious, and yes, there’s an RSS feed available.