Parody, Not a Sequel

A historical look of how POD’s have succeeded.

Long thread on 2blowbards debunking the writing for money motive.

Wind Done Gone Wrong uses a parody (not a sequel) defense:

4. What makes this a parody rather than a sequel?

The goal of parody is to comment critically and to expose and explode the flaws of the original. The goal of a sequel, by contrast, is to continue a story, generally using the principal characters, style, tone, and themes of the original; a sequel might take a slightly different point of view, but it would not overturn or ridicule the basic assumptions of the original. Think of it as the difference between revolution and evolution.

Parody works by ridicule. It is not necessarily comedy. It is the classic speech of protest for oppressed peoples. And it fits within the American tradition articulated by the U.S. Supreme Court justices Holmes and Brandeis that the cure for objectionable speech is more speech.