Richard Fisher on China; Spyware

Amazing litany of statistics by Richard Fisher:

There are 28 billion square feet of floor space under construction in China, compared with just 5 billion in the U.S. Five of the worlds largest shopping centers are now located in China.

Geek Radio’s Jay Lee on fighting spyware: Highlights:

Once all the programs are installed and updated you will want to begin the scanning of your system. I recommend closing all applications and rebooting into Safe Mode prior to performing the scan.

One of the tricks that the makers of spyware and adware will employ is a complicated uninstall process. They might ask you if you are really sure, others make it where you have to type in a code and others use confusing wording that can lead to no uninstall at all if you are not paying attention.

One more advanced tool you might want to have on hand is LSPFIX. Some adware and spyware programs install a wedge between the system and the TCP/IP stack. TCP/IP is how your computer communicates with the Internet. I have had experiences where the removal of the spyware will actually cause the computer to no longer have the ability to access the Internet