Twins Go Biking;

It’s just crazy enough to work. Identical twins Cam and Damien Barrett launch a website (with video).

Camworld is a blogger I’ve followed around for years (and I’ve even chatted him up a bit at sxsw).

Seriously, bloggers need to stop using the word weblog. It just doesn’t mean anything to most people. Just say you make a website and leave it at that.

As far as perpetuating memes, Scott Rettberg covers the winners of the best 60 second short story contest (with videos).

T.C. Boyle has a blog–sort of. His thoughts about reading his stories aloud to others.

I take a lot of pride in my readings…I want to give [the audience] a really good show…You cast a spell over them. It’s a tremendous power.

I’ve recorded only a few of the books–the only tape I’m really satisfied with is “If the River Was Whiskey,” which represents the stories as written, every word of them (we eliminated some of the stories in order to fit the two-tape format). With the novels, I was presented with a script to read, and of necessity the script eliminated much of the beauty of the language. TCB. Also did a much-abridged version of Tortilla. All the nineties books are available unabridged from Books on Tape and Recorded Books, and some are well-done, some aren’t.

It’s difficult to describe to the non-novelist just how thrilling it is to see or hear your work interpreted by someone else…And there have been many, many live performances of my stories and audiotapes [by others], too, and each gives me–the disaffected, misanthropic non-player–a rush of pure joy and connection: somebody else is singing my song. I’m happy.



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