Jon Stewart and the US Congress

Betsy Rothstein writes an article about Republicans on the Jon Stewart show:

When /US Senator Ben/ Nelson says, I get all my news from John Stewart, its a joke. But for some, particularly those age 18-34, its true. A famed statistic from the Pew Institute is that 21 percent of TV viewers 18-34 get the bulk of their news from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Its one of the main reasons why McCain goes on the show.

I love the fact that the majority of young people say they get their news from the Jon Stewart show, said McCain, who has been on the show four or five times. Every time I go on, a young person comes up and says, I saw you on the Jon Stewart show!

I’ve always wondered how often the top politicians watch TV. Do you ever think Colin Powell or Dick Cheney watch West Wing or Saturday Night Live? If ever I had the opportunity to ask a president or cabinet member a single question, it would be, “How much TV do you and your staff actually watch? What kind of shows? What kind of news shows do you watch? Do you watch TV merely for relaxation or to inform yourself about what the US public is exposed to?