Weasel Words and Hurricane Hype

ChaiTeaLatte writes:

When did feminism decide that the best template for a woman was a 1950s workholic male?

(on this Blowhard thread)

Jack Shafer on how a Times reporter used weasel words to concoct a social trend.

Ken Hoffman on hurricane Rita hype:

Reporter Amy Tortolani said “the rain hasn’t started yet, but the wind is blowing debris around.” The camera showed, I swear, an empty plastic Ozarka water bottle rolling gently to the curb.

Another reporter described “a sea of people” rushing into a Wal-Mart for last-minute supplies. I saw maybe five people casually walking through the parking lot…

And how come fuel trucks couldn’t make it to Houston, but Tom DeLay and Sheila Jackson Lee had no problem getting here? The wrong bags of gas got through.